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Carpet Weaver



Use a loom to make rugs that match a client's design.

What does a Carpet Weaver do?

Most of the carpets you see every day are pretty average. Those are the rugs that can be found at big chain stores or corporate home furnishing companies. They have basic patterns, lean towards beige or white in color, and it seems everyone has the exact same one.

Carpet Weavers fight blah carpeting by producing creations that are one of a kind. Even if they repeat a pattern or color, Carpet Weavers are safe in the knowledge that everything they create is completely individual-it’s the only one like it in the world. The individuality comes from the tiny flaws and differences between each rug you – the Carpet Weaver – create.

Carpet weaving starts out either with a commission by a client, or with your own artistic vision. You select the yarn colors, draw up a pattern, and then get to work. The actual weaving happens on a loom, which is a large frame that holds the thread tight while you work. Looms can either be standing or sitting, and how you use it will depend on the type.

You should know that this job, like all artistic jobs, can be very difficult. Not only do you need to create the carpet, which can take days or even weeks of hard work, but you also need to find clients and advertise your work. It can be hard to make money in this career, so many Carpet Weavers do this as a second job or a hobby.

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