Carpet Shampooer

Clean carpets using special steaming tools.

What does a Carpet Shampooer do?

Carpet Shampooers professionally clean carpets, rugs, couches, or other pieces of furniture to recreate their original, stainless condition. Using heavy equipment and strong, specialized shampoo, Carpet Shampooers remove all the dirt, stains, and scum clinging to rugs and other similar materials.

More often than not if you’re a Carpet Shampooer, steam cleaning is your process of choice. This requires not only a large vacuum, but also a hose attached to a large van or truck.

First, you treat the carpet by scrubbing in a “shampoo” treatment and waiting a few hours for it to soak. Then, you use hot water and the vacuum to remove stains and dirt in the carpet. This work is important because you remove allergens, infestations of bugs and mold, and fungi.

Your priority is to turn an old, dingy carpet into a beautiful, clean one. Tomato juice, wine, and pet stains are your mortal enemies, and you work to vanquish them every day. However, be careful. Some of the treatments you use on carpets are pungent and dangerous.

This job is immensely satisfying for those attention-oriented, neat freaks. What was once brown and stained becomes white and soft again. While many fancy new products are on the market for those individuals who desire to shampoo at home, nothing beats your professionalism and attention to detail.

As an expert on stain removal, you provide a service that no special vacuum can. If you enjoy cleaning as much as some people enjoy making a mess, this job is a great way to get your clean fix!