Carpet Installer

Put carpet into new or existing homes and businesses.

What does a Carpet Installer do?

Carpet Installers remove old carpets and lay new ones, including padding and trim materials, in homes and businesses. This job involves impeccable math skills combined with a strong design sense. Typical duties of a Carpet Installer include measuring spaces, installing tacking material to stick the carpet to the floor, and finishing edges to ensure the best-looking result.

As a Carpet Installer, you use your sixth sense to determine wear patterns, and place carpet pieces so that the whole carpet can withstand lots of foot traffic without wearing out. To do this, you imagine how the owners will use the space. Then you connect pieces in places with the least amount of traffic so the carpet doesn’t come apart.

If you’re a perfectionist who abides by the adage “Measure twice, cut once,” you’ll do very well in this role. Following floor schematics, you cut carpet pieces, and measure and mark areas on the floor before putting the pieces down. Once that’s done, you go back over the room to connect the corners and cover edges across doorways using extra material you measured and cut according to your vision.

What most people may not realize about a Carpet Installer’s job is just how physical it is. It requires a lot of bending and stooping to be able to lay carpet precisely in tight spaces like halls and closets. You should also be physically strong because you’ll often find yourself ripping out old carpet and rolling it up for removal. These rolls can be long and heavy, so the more stamina you have, the better you’ll be at your work.