Carpet Dealer

Buy and sell colorful woven floor coverings.

What does a Carpet Dealer do?

Carpets add color, texture, and warmth to a room. Unfortunately, they can’t be made at home, no matter how crafty the homeowner may be. So when homeowners, Business Owners, or Property Managers want to buy carpets, they visit the Carpet Dealer.

If they work for a large carpet chain, Carpet Dealers spend at least a portion of their day in the office. As a Carpet Dealer, selling the carpets your store already has in stock is your top priority, so you dream up innovative sales events to move those carpets out of the warehouse and into homes or businesses. Running advertisements in the newspaper or on television also encourages people to visit.

When they arrive, you show off your carpets and help them make a good choice. Sometimes, you may even take samples of carpets to people’s houses so they can choose a carpet color while they lounge about in their pajamas.

If you work for yourself, you set your own hours, but you spend a lot more time in your car. You have a set of carpets to sell, and you pack those wares in your car and drive from place to place to show them off. You may head to construction sites, or you may go door to door to show surprised people your carpets.

Carpets are your obsession. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself constantly looking down when you enter a room. Stuffing your pockets with business cards may be a good idea, as you’ll have your contact information handy when you walk into movie theaters, restaurants, and stores with terrible carpeting.