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Carpenter's Helper



Apprentice with a Woodworker to learn the tricks of the trade.

What does a Carpenter's Helper do?

Carpentry is an ancient art that is still used in a variety of industries today. Most commonly, a Carpenter is described as someone who builds houses, but more precisely, he or she is someone who builds products out of wood. Examples include birdhouses, sheds, furniture, or play structures.

As a Carpenter’s Helper, you’re in a position to learn directly from the vast skill set of the Carpenter. You’re the right hand, and from that position, you witness everything he or she does. A Carpenter’s Helper provides the right tool at the right time, preps the building area, and cleans up when the job is complete.

The job site might change frequently as Carpenter’s Helpers travel from one location to another. You’re responsible for loading tools, equipment, and supplies into, and fetching them out of, the truck. On site, you deliver nails, screws, and boards for the Carpenter.

You also set up ladders, put together scaffolding, and place braces for the Carpenter’s use. With some experience, you might also be allowed to take measurements and make cuts or holes using electric saws or drills.

This entry-level position is a great starting point if you hope to build a career in carpentry or construction. While you run for extension cords and deliver lunch, you also soak up building techniques and gain experience in a supervised environment. That is a great selling point on a resume.

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