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Carpenter II



Assemble prefabricated building wall panels.

What does a Carpenter II do?

Assembles prefabricated building wall panels, using handtools and power tools: Reads blueprints to determine type of wall panel required. Selects precut studs, measures top and bottom leaders, and marks studs and leader locations, using tape measure. Lays materials on worktable according to markings to fabricate wall frame. Aligns sheetrock on frame. Locates, marks, and cuts receptacle openings in sheetrock, using tape measure, template, and handsaw. Reads specification sheet to determine types of windows and siding required on outside of wall panel. Selects and installs prefabricated windows in prepared openings, using hammer and nails. Measures, marks, cuts, and fastens siding and molding to form outside wall of panel, using tape measure and handtools. Moves completed panel to shipping area, using electric hoist. May direct workers in fastening studs and sheetrock. May operate nailing and routing machines to assemble wall panels and components.