Cargo Inspector

Inspect crude and refined petroleum.

What does a Cargo Inspector do?

Inspects crude and refined petroleum before and after transfer from terminal tanks to ship tanks, to determine if it meets prescribed standards: Lowers sample container into ship tanks to obtain sample of oil residue and into terminal tanks to sample oil, or opens bleeder valves on pipelines to obtain sample. Determines amount and type of bottom sediment, water, and foreign substance present in oil sample, using centrifugal tester and following standard formulas. Lowers thermometer into tanks to obtain temperature reading, and determines quantity of oil in ship tanks, using calibrated tape and conversion tables. Records test results. Turns valves to close tanks, inspects valves for leaks, and clamps seal around valves to secure tank contents. Prepares, verifies, and examines cargo ladings, oil transportation records, and export records. May direct BOAT LOADER I in taking samples and assist in loading and unloading oil. May lubricate and adjust valves, using grease gun, oilcan, and handtools.