Cargo Coordinator

Ship, track and receive your company's goods and products.

What does a Cargo Coordinator do?

The job of a Cargo Coordinator is similar to that of a Freight Agent. Like Freight Agents, Cargo Coordinators keep track of cargo as it comes and goes, inspect it for any damage, and handle any problems that might come up. Unlike a Freight Agent, though, a Cargo Coordinator tends to work with one type of company and handle one type of cargo. In this position, you might work for an import and export company or a scientific foundation that regularly ships equipment.

When your company needs to ship some cargo somewhere, they either approach you with an inventory of the goods (if these are currently sitting somewhere else) or have you take your own inventory. You count the goods and make a note of their condition before seeing the cargo off on its journey, whether that’s by boat, airplane, truck, or train.

During the journey, you keep in contact with the carrier so that you’re one of the first people to know if something goes wrong. When the cargo reaches its destination, you inform your bosses of the success of the journey. Then you start the whole process over again with another shipment.

This is an entry-level position, and you spend a lot of time doing things like basic data entry, filing paperwork, answering routine questions, and performing other administrative jobs.