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Career Services Representative



Coach students for job preparation and recruit students for a variety of jobs.

What does a Career Services Representative do?

If you long to help others get the job of their dreams, you might have what it takes to be a successful career services representative! As a career services representative, you are the point of contact on campus to help college students get a job in their field by helping them with effective search strategies, resume writing, and career services. You coach individual students to help them prepare for the job application and interview process. You may also be in charge of enrollment management, admissions counseling, and student recruiting.

Communications and customer service skills are vital in this position; you advise students, perform mock interviews, and contact graduates and employers. You also need top-notch organizational skills to manage labor market data and coordinate tours and field trips for classes. Career service representatives need strong computer skills, particularly with related software like CampusVue.

You will need at least a high school degree or GED for this position. Some positions may require an associate’s degree as well.

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