Career Services Director

Run the department that connects students to career resources.

What does a Career Services Director do?

College, and the subsequent job search, can feel like an overwhelming swampland of decisions, confusion, frustration, and disappointment. But Career Services Directors provide an array of services that makes the process enjoyable, hopeful, and a whole lot less stressful.

Managing a college career center is one major responsibility of a Career Services Director’s job. As Career Services Director, you supervise the staff that provides services to the students, graduates, and alumni. These services include career guidance counseling, help with job searches, assistance with employment applications, assessment tests, and resume writing advice.

But your job goes far beyond the campus resource center. You also tap into the surrounding community to network with local businesses. Through relationships with these companies, you become aware of job opportunities, and gather knowledge about what employers are looking for. This information allows you to present accurate job descriptions and job qualification requirements. That way, a student doesn’t work towards a degree in Zoology, when the employer really prefers one in Animal Science.

Around campus, you organize all aspects of job fairs, from recruiting businesses to drawing in students. You provide resources to help students practice and acquire interviews. A job fair is a phenomenal resource both for a business looking to hire, and for a student seeking employment, now or following graduation. It’s a great way for students to gather information and experience in the interviewing process, and it wouldn’t happen without you.