Career Guidance Technician

Collect and organize occupational data.

What does a Career Guidance Technician do?

Collects and organizes occupational data to provide source materials for school career information center, and assists students and teachers to locate and obtain materials: Orders, catalogues, and maintains files on materials relating to job opportunities, careers, technical schools, colleges, scholarships, armed forces, and other programs. Assists students and teachers to locate career information related to students’ interests and aptitudes, or demonstrates use of files, shelf collections, and other information retrieval systems. Assists students to take and score self-administered vocational interest and aptitude tests. Keeps records of students enrolled in work experience program and other vocational programs to assist counseling and guidance staff. Schedules appointments with school guidance and counseling staff for students requiring professional assistance. May make presentations to parent and other groups to publicize activities of career center. May operate audio-visual equipment, such as tape recorders, record players, and film or slide projectors.