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Career Consultant



Advise clients on career-related questions.

What does a Career Consultant do?

A career consultant provides information and advice about careers or jobs. First, you should understand and assess your client’s skills and interests. For this, you carry out psychometric and personality tests that will give you an insight into the client’s working style and skills. Based on your assessment, you’ll advise your clients, who could be looking to make a career change, a career advancement, or trying to recover from a layoff. You also provide more practical information like how to create a CV or resume, where to look for jobs, or how to prepare for interviews.

Skills required for a career consultant are effective written and verbal communication, excellent listening skills, confidentiality, and sharp interpersonal skills. A qualification in human resources, career management, personnel management, or psychology could be helpful in getting you this job. Relevant experience is always an added advantage.

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