Cardiovascular Nurse

Look after patients with heart conditions.

What does a Cardiovascular Nurse do?

A Cardiovascular Nurse is a Registered Nurse who specializes in caring for patients with heart conditions. Generally, Cardiovascular Nurses work in a hospital or cardiology center with a Cardiologist, the heart Doctor in charge of the patient’s care.

As a Cardiovascular Nurse, your day is filled with a variety of duties aimed at the complete care of the patient. This starts with a review of the patient chart. The chart (or file) is the place where every staff member records notes about the patient. From the Technicians to the Surgeons, every drop of medicine, medical history, and procedure is noted. This information is vital in understanding what your patient has been through and the goals for his recovery. You review test results and the treatment plan created by the Cardiologist.

The treatment plan includes directions on how to treat post-operative wounds, dosage and frequency of required medications, and follow-up care after leaving the hospital. Your job is to track the progress of the patient according to the plan and contact the Cardiologist if complications arise. You assist the patient with basic needs, monitor vital signs, keep detailed notes, and educate the patient about what to expect at each stage of recovery.

Once the patient is well enough to be released, you inform him and his family about the care requirements once he is home, as well as any lifestyle changes recommended for his long-term recovery. For example, you might recommend a particular Personal Trainer or Nutritionist.