Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

Evaluate and diagnose patients fighting or facing heart disease.

What does a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner do?

With heart attacks on the rise, Cardiology Nurse Practitioners are fighting back. As a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner, you hold many of the same responsibilities as a Physician, and can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients struggling with or at risk for heart disease. From battling high cholesterol to living with a pacemaker, patients seek you out to help with a wide range of heart-related health problems.

Heart failure clinics, testing centers, and outpatient clinics all hire Cardiology Nurse Practitioners. You start with an evaluation of each patient’s medical history, followed by lab testing. Stress tests, blood work, and blood pressure readings let you get to the heart of the matter and decide whether a patient needs blood pressure medication or a healthier diet.

Heart disease rarely appears overnight, and your main goal is coaching patients on a healthy lifestyle to avoid disease in the first place. Those at risk could lower their cholesterol and sodium intake, for example, or exercise more often.

Patients who already have heart disease need you to balance out medications with other treatment options. Popping five pills a day could cause more nasty side effects than it cures. By realistically considering each patient’s situation, you can make the most appropriate decision for better health. You’re more than the person who writes their prescriptions; you’re a Coach, a Cheerleader, and most importantly, a friend.