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Cardiac Surgeon



Treat heart conditions through surgery.

What does a Cardiac Surgeon do?

Today’s medical world is crammed full of specialties, and one of the most well known is surgery. A Cardiac Surgeon is a Doctor who treats conditions of the heart. That doesn’t always mean surgery, though, because Cardiac Surgeons also consult with patients about all kinds of possible treatments. But when surgery is the answer, the Cardiac Surgeon is always ready!

As a Cardiac Surgeon, you typically work at a hospital. Sometimes, you’re called in during emergency situations, such as when a patient injures their heart or suffers from a life-threatening blockage. Most of the time, though, you have time to finish your coffee before your workday begins. That’s because the majority of your patients schedule a time for surgery.

That gives you a chance to review the patient’s chart so you know what to expect. Of course, there aren’t any surprises because you’ve already met with the patient and perhaps spoken with their Cardiologist. You’ve run tests, reviewed blood work, and analyzed results. Once you decide that surgery is the best option, you sign them up for your special of the day-open heart surgery.

Once you’re scrubbed in and ready, you use specialized equipment to help you perform the job. Tasks include repairing damage, treating disease, and even replacing the heart! Fortunately, you’re not alone in your endeavor. You have Cardiovascular Technologists and Nurses by your side, and might also have other Surgeons in the operating room.

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