Card Tender

Tend carding machines.

What does a Card Tender do?

Tends carding machines that open, clean, and align cotton, asbestos, or other fibers, and convert laps II of fibers into sliver: Feeds loose fibers onto feeder apron or into hopper of machine, or mounts lap of fiber on bracket at feed end of machine and threads end of lap through feeder rollers or attaches end to lap in machine by pinching ends together with fingers. Patrols work area and observes machine operation to detect exhausting fiber or lap supply, machine malfunctions, sliver or lap breaks, and full cans of sliver at discharge end of machine. Pieces up broken sliver by rolling and twisting ends with fingers. Cleans machine, using brush, waste, and airhose. Replaces full cans of sliver with empty cans. May oil machine. May truck laps from picker room and hang laps on stands of machines. May tend machines that produce sliver from raw stock. May strip cards [CARD STRIPPER 680.685-014].