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Card Stripper

Tend equipment that remove accumulated cotton fibers.

What does a Card Stripper do?

Tends equipment that removes accumulated cotton fibers adhering to wire teeth of carding and doffing drums, using any of following methods: Positions stripping roller in brackets of carding machine so that wire teeth of roller project between wire teeth of carding cylinder. Starts machine, allowing stripping roller to revolve rapidly and remove fiber from slowly revolving card cylinder. May use stripping roll hood and suction pipe leading to handtruck to dispose of dust and lint. Moves lever to position built-in stripping roll so that wire teeth contact teeth of cylinder. Opens suction line to draw away lint collected by roll. Places stripper nozzles of vacuum stripper attachment at side of carding cylinder and doffing drum. Starts machine to move stripper across cylinder, drawing dust into nozzle. May tend carding machines [CARD TENDER]. May assist in grinding card rolls.