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Card Grinder Helper

Assist Card Grinders.

What does a Card Grinder Helper do?

Assists CARD GRINDER 680.380-010 in setting up and repairing cotton and synthetic fiber carding machines and picking machines: Cleans machines of waste and excess fibers from previous run, using airhose. Inspects machines and machine parts to detect wearing of or damage to parts. Replaces defective parts, such as rollers, belts and gears, using handtools. Adjusts clearance between carding and doffing cylinder and between flats, using leaf, flat, and pen gauges, and listening for contact of surfaces. Adjusts machine parts, such as prefeeders, evenfeeders, and levers, to regulate speed of machine, flow of fiber, and length of lap. Grinds wire teeth of flats and carding and doffing cylinders, using grinding device. Inspects teeth to verify grinding meets specifications. Lubricates wearing surfaces of machine, using oilcan.