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Carbon Paste Mixer Operator

Tend machines that mix ground coke, coal, and pitch into carbon paste.

What does a Carbon Paste Mixer Operator do?

Tends machines that mix ground coke, coal, anode butts, and pitch into carbon paste and press paste into anodes or electrodes: Sets automatic scale and steam regulator to specified weight and pressure. Opens hopper valves to load specified amounts of coke, coal, butts, and pitch scales into batch car. Starts equipment and charges mixer with mixing ingredients. Turns valve to admit liquid pitch into mixer. Records charging and discharging time of mixer. Periodically inspects system to verify consistency of carbon paste and dimensions of anodes or electrodes emerging from press. Records data for each batch processed. May lubricate and perform minor repair on machines. May tend machine that grinds material for electrodes [GRINDER, CARBON PLANT]. May tend machines, using panelboard, and be designated Carbon-Paste-Mixer Operator, Panelboard.