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Carbon Paper Interleafer

Tend machines that interleaf rolls of carbon and copy paper.

What does a Carbon Paper Interleafer do?

Tends machine that interleafs rolls of carbon and copy paper and winds interleafed paper into rolls of specified length: Reads work order to determine size and type carbon and copy paper to be processed. Places specified rolls of paper on machine spindles, using chain hoist. Threads ends of rolls through feed rollers and paper guides, under edge trimming knives, and laps ends around takeup spindle core. Adjusts paper guides and tension controls, using wrench. Starts machine and observes machine operation to detect wrinkling of paper and uneven winding. Reads footage counter and stops machine when specified footage is wound. Cuts interleafed paper, using knife, and removes roll from machine, using chain hoist. Records size and number of rolls processed on work order.