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Carbon Management Consultant

Advise companies on reducing waste and energy consumption.

What does a Carbon Management Consultant do?

Like a Shoe Salesman, a Carbon Management Consultant measures the customer’s footprint. That’s no ordinary customer or footprint, however. The Carbon Management Consultant’s customer is typically a large business, and the footprint is a carbon footprint, a measure of the damage that business contributes to the environment.

As a Carbon Management Consultant, you are environmentally minded but fully aware of the complexities of running a business. Through specialized training and creative thought, you find ways to reduce a business’s impact on the environment. That begins with measuring how much energy it consumes and how much waste it produces.

CEOs come to you because of increasing pressure on businesses to minimize consumption and waste for the betterment of the planet. In the near future, many businesses expect to face fines, so the goal is to implement policies now that will reduce the impact on the bottom line when government tightens compliance regulations.

So, what do you do exactly? You use computer software to analyze current use and provide reporting for stakeholders, governmental Auditors, and upper management. Then you outline strategies that improve the situation, such as high-efficiency equipment, different manufacturing techniques, packaging options, and reduction in company travel.

You also explain and implement carbon offset policies, such as donations to organizations that plant trees, in an effort to counterbalance the waste you cannot completely eliminate. At the end of the day, your customer has a plan to deal with governmental regulations, and you sleep well knowing you’re helping the environment.