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Carbide Operator

Fabricate tungsten-carbide cutting tips.

What does a Carbide Operator do?

Fabricates tungsten-carbide cutting tips for use on lathes, planers, milling machines, and other metalworking tools, using mechanical or hydraulic press, furnaces, cutting and grinding wheels, and precision-measuring instruments: Weighs cobalt, carbon, tungsten, titanium, and other powdered metals on balance scale to obtain specified molding mixture. Pours mixture from pans into molds or into hoppers for automatic feeding into molds in press. Turns valves on press to compress mixture into billet. Removes billet from press. Sets automatic feed, time, and temperature controls on sintering furnace. Feeds billets into furnace to fuse metals together. Removes billets from furnace and cuts and grinds them into cutting tips, using diamond cutting wheel and electric grinding wheel. Measures cutting edges of tips to ensure attainment of specified tolerances, using gauges, rulers, micrometers, and protractors. Sets pyrometer controls of heat-treating furnace, and feeds cutting tips into furnace to harden them. May regrind cutting tips and remeasure for conformance to specifications.