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Car Wash Attendant



Get vehicles ready for the automated car wash.

What does a Car Wash Attendant do?

Car Wash Attendants have the opportunity to spend each day outside, interacting with customers, and wiping the sweat from their brow and the suds from their arms. A job as a Car Wash Attendant involves more than just washing cars. You produce quality results and make customers happy, so you should take pride in your job.

Car Wash Attendants, obviously, work at a car wash. Sometimes, that means little more than a bucket and rag. Other times, you run a completely automated system.

Greeting the customer is the first step in your customer-oriented regimen. You put on your friendliest smile, ask the customer what you can do for them, collect money, and get started.

With an automated system, you control the levers and switches that start and stop the washing process. You guide the Driver onto tracks or direct them into the entrance to the car wash. To protect the vehicle, you ensure that antennas are down, wipers are secured to the windshield, and any other parts are protected from the aggressive brushes in the wash cycle.

In a semi or non-automated car wash, you manually wash the entire vehicle, and may even offer additional services. In fact, the additional services are moneymakers for your employer, so you always offer them up. That means you vacuum, clean windows, apply wax, and shampoo carpets upon request.

This physically demanding, albeit rewarding, job is a great opportunity to flex your customer-service muscles (in addition to your arms and legs).

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