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Car Test Driver



Put prototype cars through their paces to test how well they perform.

What does a Car Test Driver do?

Car Test Drivers-or Road Test Drivers-are paid by car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW to test their vehicles by driving them around the company’s private track.

As a rule, children don’t dream of working in offices. Instead, they dream of fighting fires, flying fighter planes, walking on the moon, and driving fast cars around racetracks. That means, as a Car Test Driver, you have achieved every little kids fantasy.

Of course, testing requires a lot more than playing with the volume on the stereo, seeing how fast the car can go on the highway, and making sure the sunroof works on a sunny day. Just as much work as play, being a Car Test Driver demands an intimate knowledge of automobile engineering and anatomy, as you’re responsible for methodically checking the functionality of every inch of a test car-which, it’s worth noting, is often a prototype instead of a finished vehicle-including everything from its tailpipe and turn signals to its interior and engine.

As a Car Test Driver, you do scientifically designed tests on braking, acceleration, speed, and handling in collaboration with Mechanical Engineers, pushing the car to its limits on high-speed tracks in order to assess its performance. Frequently, you also do tests at normal speeds on actual roads in order to assess things like visibility, drivability, usability, and comfort.

At the end of the day, your job is to nitpick new cars so manufacturers can make them better, faster, stronger, and safer. And in return, you get not just one company car, but hundreds!

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