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Car Salesperson



Sell a variety of cars and other vehicles.

What does a Car Salesperson do?

A Car Salesperson works on a car lot, helping shoppers find a car that fits their needs and budgets. Whether working with used cars or brand new ones, the job involves more than just test drives and sales pitches.

Your day as a Car Salesperson will likely be a long one. You begin by ensuring that the lot and offices are tidy and attractive to buyers. A sales meeting will alert you and your colleagues to any special instructions for the day: inventory that particularly needs to be sold, sales goals to keep in mind, even friendly contests to motivate one another.

As customers begin to browse, you greet them and offer your help with narrowing down their choices. You explain the features of each vehicle, and accompany prospective buyers on test drives. When a selection is made, you negotiate a selling price and terms, and then guide the buyers through financing and insurance paperwork.

A good Car Salesperson enjoys meeting new people, and can easily adjust to a variety of personalities. For example, you need to recognize which customers want to chat and which ones prefer quiet browsing. You should also be able to easily remember people you’ve met before, and juggle several unrelated tasks at a time. You should exude confidence, and have a solid knowledge of general auto mechanics as well as the specific features of the models on your lot.

Be sure to have some patience for indecision, a tolerance for long days on your feet, and a good sunscreen.

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