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Car Restorer

Renovate and refurbish classic autos with period parts.

What does a Car Restorer do?

The most successful Car Restorer in the world would have a secret time machine in the back of their workshop. If a classic car needed work, a quick jaunt back in time would allow them to get all the necessary parts and supplies. In the real world, however, it’s never that easy, though you can still be successful. A Car Restorer typically works painstakingly to restore cars to their original condition.

Each repair begins with a significant amount of research. No upgrades of any sort can be made to the car, so, as a Car Restorer, you need to know all you can about how it was originally built and designed. Even your weekends are spent studying old car manuals and sales booklets. That may make you seem like a nerd, but you don’t mind.

Next, you remove all mechanical systems and take them apart. Each piece is cleaned, polished, oiled, and put back in place. Belts are tightened or replaced. Dents are pounded out.

The interior of the car gets the same treatment. If the seats are torn and damaged beyond repair, you scour online auction sites and try to buy replacement seats.

The exterior of the car may take you a long time to repair. You pound out dents, sand away rust, cut and patch sections, and align elements. Once again, you look for factory paints that were in use when the car was designed. Auction sites, garage sales, and car dealerships may help.

When your work is done, you may be tempted to drive the car to show it off. You resist the temptation, however, as even one small ding can take you weeks to repair.