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Car Repossessor

Track down and retrieve cars when the car loan is way past due.

What does a Car Repossessor do?

A car is a method of transportation, but it’s also a status symbol. Having a shiny, new car in the driveway is one way to show off wealth. However, making payments on those cars month after month can be difficult for some people, and they may fall behind on their payments. When the loan is past due and the lender and car buyer can’t come to an agreement, a Car Repossessor tows the car from the buyer and returns it to the lender.

When you’re a Car Repossessor, the lender provides you with a list of people who haven’t paid their bills. With this list in hand, you drive to each buyer’s home and look for the car. When you find the car, you attach it to your tow truck and drive it back to the lender.

Your friends and family may think that your job as a Car Repossessor involves daily fistfights and gunfire, but the truth is you rarely get into confrontations with car owners. In most cases, the owners know that they’re behind on their payments, and they’ve spent months working with the lender on a solution. Your visits are usually expected.

If a problem does break out, you talk to the buyer about your job and you stay calm. If you’re threatened with physical violence, you simply leave the scene. While it is rare, you don’t hesitate to call a Police Officer if the situation gets out of hand.

Sometimes, the list you have contains inaccurate addresses. Sneaky buyers may move frequently so they can hold onto the cars longer. When this happens, you work like a Private Detective, determining where the person might be hiding.