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Car Repairer Helper

Assist Car Repairers in repairing and rebuilding freight cars or tank cars.

What does a Car Repairer Helper do?

Assists CAR REPAIRER in repairing and rebuilding freight cars, tank cars, or locomotives, performing any combination of following tasks: Threads nuts and bolts and drills metal stock, using hand taps, dies, and drill press. Shears metal sheet and bar stock to specified dimensions. Straightens metal parts, using hammer and sledge. Bolts steel top frames to side frames of car, using power wrench. Rolls axle and wheel assemblies into hydraulic wheel-dismounting machine. Pulls levers to position ram against end of axle and force wheel from wheel seat. Rolls wheel to storage area. Caulks seams of car and fills car with water to detect leaks. Polishes brass trim on car. Repairs or replaces steam and airhoses. Lubricates car. May be known according to specific task performed as Car Tester; Car-Top Bolter. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.