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Car Porter

Car Porter


Clean, count, and drive vehicles at a car dealership.

What does a Car Porter do?

A Car Porter is responsible for helping auto dealerships run as smoothly as possible. Depending on where you work, you could help out cleaning vehicles, doing maintenance, running errands, or even taking cars out for a test drive!

What’s an average day like?

In this job, cars and trucks are your life-so they should be something you’re interested in and know a bit about. Before you begin, get your driver’s license and be sure to have a clean driving record.

In a typical day as a Car Porter, you work out on the lot, helping to maintain the area and setting up cars to best show off the dealership’s collection. While you do that, you may also be given the responsibility of taking stock of the vehicles, and keeping a running tab of their locations and individual VIN numbers.

You also work in the repair shop, gassing up vehicles for test drives and new cars that are fresh off delivery. That means you’ve got to know how to drive both stick shift and automatic cars. You keep an eye on the available stock, making sure that tires are inflated, batteries stay charged, and windows and paint jobs are not nicked or scratched.

Why does this job matter?

A dealership can’t function without a Car Porter. It’s up to you to keep everything up and running, so customers can get in, get out, and get back on the road.

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