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Car Inspection and Repair Manager

Plan activities concerned with inspection and repair of railroad equipment.

What does a Car Inspection and Repair Manager do?

Plans, directs, and coordinates, through subordinate supervisors, activities concerned with inspection, repair, and maintenance of railroad equipment: Confers with department heads to establish administrative and operational policies and procedures for following federal, Railroad Association, and union regulations and agreements. Interprets policies and procedures for subordinate supervisors, and monitors activities to ensure that policies and procedures are followed. Analyzes records of daily operations, such as freight car inspections, repairs completed or scheduled, or worker absenteeism, to maintain knowledge of department activities. Instructs subordinates to institute specific measures, such as studies and maintaining bar graphs, to monitor productivity. Discusses freight car repairs with shippers or consignees and inspection and repair violations with federal and public representatives to resolve concerns, such as time of repair, repair cost, and methods of preventing future violations. Monitors inventory of parts and materials and prepares requisition forms for items in short supply. Conducts investigations of personnel matters, such as continued tardiness, excessive absenteeism, or safety violations; negotiates with union representative matters, such as contract violations, job abolishment, and reallocation of human resources; and prepares required reports, according to prescribed procedures.