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Car Detailer



Clean cars and vehicles inside and out so they sparkle like new.

What does a Car Detailer do?

No one wants to get caught rolling dirty – meaning driving around in a messy car. Car Detailers keep people from this unnecessary affliction by using different brushes to deep clean every last detail inside and outside of a car.

The cars a Car Detailer might work on come in all conditions. As a Car Detailer, you can get the never-cleaned minivan with crackers ground into the seat, or the luxury car that gets detailed once a week. Either way, you go through the same process. You vacuum the inside upholstery and shampoo the carpets. If any stains refuse to go away, you spot-clean the area to make the it look like new. Rubber mats on the floorboards get love too, and you specially wash and dry them. To keep the car looking clean long after you’re done with it, you apply protective chemicals onto the leather surfaces. This keeps them dust- and dirt-free.

For the car’s surface, you scrub off the dirt. But this is no average car wash. You use a number of different brushes and cloths to get into hard-to-reach areas, like wheel wells and window seals. In the case of scratches or dents, you do minor repairs, painting over a small scratch or popping out a little dent. For some places, you even refill fluids like oil, antifreeze, or windshield washing solution. To finish off the car’s transformation from dirty to clean, you wash the windows and apply a protective wax to the surface.

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