Capsule Filling Machine Operator

Operate machines to fill gelatin capsules with medicinal preparations.

What does a Capsule Filling Machine Operator do?

Operates capsulating machine to fill gelatin capsules with medicinal preparations: Scoops empty capsules into loading hopper and scoops medicinal preparation into filling hopper of capsulating machine. Fills capsule rings with empty capsules, uncouples rings, and fills lower half of capsule with powdered or pelletized medicine. Recouples capsule rings and inserts rings into closing and ejecting forks. Depresses pedal to close filled capsules and eject them into receiving container. Polishes capsules, using polishing cloth, and inspects capsules for breakage and defective filling. Weighs specified number of capsules and compares weight with weight specification sheet. May operate capsule branding machine to print establishment name on capsule.