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Cannery Worker



Perform tasks to can, freeze, preserve, or pack food products.

What does a Cannery Worker do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to can, freeze, preserve, or pack food products: Dumps or places food products in hopper, on sorting table, or on conveyor. Sorts or grades products according to size, color, or quality. Feeds products into processing equipment, such as washing, refrigerating, peeling, coring, pitting, trimming, grinding, dicing, cooking, or slicing machines. Trims, peels, and slices products with knife or paring tool. Feeds empty containers onto conveyor or forming machines. Fills containers, using scoop or filling form, or packs by hand [PACKAGER, HAND 920.587-018]. Counts, weighs, or tallies processed items according to specifications. Inspects and weighs filled containers to ensure product conforms to quality and weight standards. Places filled containers on trays, racks, or into boxes. Loads, moves, or stacks containers by hand or handtruck, and cleans glass jar containers, using airhose. May be designated according to work performed as Dumper; Peeler; Sorter; Trimmer.

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