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Canine Service Instructor-Trainer

Instruct police officers in handling of dogs for police work.

What does a Canine Service Instructor-Trainer do?

Instructs police officers in handling of dogs for police work in canine training facility: Instructs police officers in dog training techniques, such as obedience training, tracking, and crowd control. Demonstrates dog handling techniques with dog on and off leash, using trained dog. Instructs officers on subjects related to use of dogs in police work, such as theory of scent and narcotics and bomb detection. Informs officers of health care of dogs and responsibilities of handlers. Observes officer and dog teams during practice sessions, and offers suggestions to improve handling techniques when necessary. Contacts representatives of other police departments and law enforcement agencies throughout country to keep training updated and to schedule training sessions. Conducts tours of facility and explains importance of dogs in police work. Purchases dog food and supplies and directs maintenance of facility.