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Canine Police Officer



Work with specially-trained dogs to help solve and prevent crimes.

What does a Canine Police Officer do?

A Canine Police Officer is a special breed. Like a lot of Police Officers, Canine Police Officers work with a partner. However, their partners have four legs and dog breath.

You’ve seen them on TV-the Police Officer with a German Shepherd pulling on the end of a leash. When you’re a Canine Police Officer, that person is you, and that dog is your specially trained, crime-fighting companion.

When you are called to duty, you and your dog race to the location and get to work. Each dog is trained to perform specific tasks. It might sniff out drugs, find missing people, or locate bombs.

The specialty of your dog often outlines the tasks of your job. You may be called in to identify a suspicious package at the nearby high school or college sporting event. Or, you might work full-time within jails in the area, searching for drugs or even cell phones. Another common job is locating lost persons.

The job of a Police Officer is intense, and taking on the additional K-9 responsibilities adds to the challenge. K-9 companions usually live with you, both to cement the bond between you and because you love each other.

The dog is your partner, your pet, and your friend. You wash, pet, feed, clean up after, and vaccinate it. In addition, you frequently work on training techniques so that both of you are fresh and ready for service.

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