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Caner II

Install pre-woven panels of cane, willow, or rattan in furniture frames.

What does a Caner II do?

Installs or replaces prewoven panels of cane, willow, or rattan in furniture frames: Cuts damaged panel from furniture frame, using knife. Pries wooden splines from grooves in frame, using chisel. Places frame in water to soften dried glue and adhering panel of cane or willow, and scrapes surfaces clean. Brushes glue into grooves around frame opening and stretches water-soaked panel over opening. Forces edges of panel into grooves, using wedge and mallet or pneumatic press. Brushes glue over panel edges in grooves, and forces splines into grooves flush with surface. Trims excess material, using knife. May cut prewoven panels to size, using pattern and scissors or cutting machine.