Candy Spreader

Pour and spread batches of cooked candy.

What does a Candy Spreader do?

Pours and spreads batches of cooked candy, such as fudge, caramel, or toffee, in pans or trays, or onto temperature-controlled slabs preparatory to cutting: Covers pan, tray, or slab with wax paper, dusts lined pan with powdered sugar, or greases with shortening to prevent sticking. Spreads candy to specified thickness, using spatula or roller. May cut candy into sections, using knife, for use by CUTTING-MACHINE OPERATOR or set cutter frames into candy to slice it into individual sections. May roughen surface with scraper to simulate homemade candy or sprinkle chopped nuts or fruit over candy to decorate it. When spreading and cutting bar candy, may be designated Candy Maker, Bar.