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Candy Maker



Mix up large batches of sweets and keep your chocolate machines running.

What does a Candy Maker do?

You’ll need to keep your sweet tooth in check to work as a Candy Maker. This type of food processing job focuses on mixing, baking, shaping, and decorating bags of delicious candies, to thrill customers craving a chocolaty treat. From standard favorites like chocolate bars and peanut butter cups to special requests from customers, you’re in charge of making sure everyone gets what they want.

What’s an average day like?

As a Candy Maker you’ll spend a large portion of your day mixing up big batches of candies. The ability to follow a recipe and work with different cooking equipment is a must. Special machines are designed to roll out, cut, and bake numerous trays of candy at once, and it’s your job to keep them going until closing time.

The real fun comes from creating new recipes and decorating your finished creations. You may need to modify a recipe to give it a little extra flavor or to change the texture. A customer might request a new type of candy which you’ll need to create. Once your candies are done, you can let your imagination run wild as you decorate each one.

Often Candy Makers get to create their own recipes. If you choose to open your own small candy making business you might come up with a new treat to advertise as your signature dish. Your talents will be well appreciated by both children and adults alike.

Why does this job matter?

Candy-like all good foods and treats-brings happiness to those lucky people who get to eat it. You can be proud that you get to create a little bit of delicious joy for the world to appreciate.

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