Candy Maker Helper

Tend candy making machines that mix candy ingredients.

What does a Candy Maker Helper do?

Tends candy making machines that mix candy ingredients: Weighs, measures, mixes, and dumps specified ingredients into cooking utensils. Opens discharge valve, and starts pumps or tilts cooker or kettle to pour cooked candy onto tables or into beaters. May form soft candies by spreading candy onto cooling and warming slabs, cut candy by hand or with machine knife, cast candy in starch or rubber molds, or by machine that extrudes candy. May form hard candies by hand or machine-pulling or spinning. Washes kettles, cookers, machines, and equipment after each batch. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title. May be designated according to type of candy mixed or cooked as Caramel-Candy-Maker Helper; Nougat-Candy-Maker Helper.