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Form candles.

What does a Candlemaker do?

Forms candles according to one of following methods: Strings wicks through notches or rings of dipping frame, according to length of candle to be formed. Dips wicks manually or with aid of motorized mechanism into vat of molten wax mixture to build up candles to specified circumference. Cuts or trims candles to specified sizes, using knife or hand die. Grades candles according to type, color, and size. Inserts wick through center of molds and attaches ends to racks. Pours molten wax mixture into molds, using container, or opens valves to admit wax into molds. Adjusts steam and coolant valves to maintain prescribed thermometer reading in mold. Turns handcrank of ejection mechanism to release candles from molds into rack after specified time. Scrapes remaining wax from molds, using handtools. May record production data, such as name, color, and quantity of candles. May add color ingredients to molten wax, according to specifications.

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