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What does a Candidate Sourcing Specialist do?

A candidate sourcing specialist is a person who finds ideal candidates for job positions. You might be employed by large corporations or work outside a company and be hired remotely. In either case your job is to look over applicants’ resumes and find the most suitable candidates for the positions available.

A list of position openings are given to you by managers and human resources personnel at the companies you work for, and it is then your responsibility to provide them with a list of people to interview. You have a lot to take into consideration when you’re finding your ideal candidates. You must find someone who fits the bill in the areas of education and experience, as well as salary and location. Since most of the work you do is online, your location is actually up for debate. Working from home is fairly common for sourcing specialists, with the exception of interviews (if that is a part of your role for the company).

Your daily tasks are to post jobs, review resumes, check with references, communicate with applicants and employers, update postings, and conduct interviews. You should be very organized in order to juggle all of the job applicants plus the meetings you have to dart around to. Networking and attending job fairs are also great ways for you to meet clients who may need your sourcing help, and give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with various company structures and their particular needs.

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