Campus Wellness Coordinator

Help students meet the health challenges of life on campus.

What does a Campus Wellness Coordinator do?

Final exams, relationships, parties – college is all about cranking up the stress levels. As students strive to succeed, both socially and academically, Campus Wellness Coordinators help them deal with all the speed bumps college brings. From unexpected pregnancies to alcohol poisoning, Campus Wellness Coordinators teach students how to take care of themselves and avoid harmful situations.

Health is not just about being physically fit. Students need to be mentally and emotionally healthy as well. When you’re a Campus Wellness Coordinator, this could mean offering classes on proper studying and testing techniques to lower stress during exams, or providing a crisis hotline for students to call when they feel depressed or upset.

To set up all these resources, you talk with Professors, Counselors, and other staff members to brainstorm ideas and plan funding. You coordinate everyone’s efforts and set goals to see that progress is made.

Most of your time is spent in the office evaluating current programs and calling the appropriate people who can fix any problems you find. Perhaps the cafeteria needs to serve healthier food to fight obesity, or the parking lots need brighter street lamps to improve safety at night.

Your job makes you a leader and a Salesperson all in one. You plan the healthy living projects the campus undertakes, from lectures and classes to workshops and brochures, and pitch them to those holding the purse strings. By being both the planner and the Cheerleader for your campus, you increase students’ happiness and health.