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Campus Pastor

Offer religious counseling to students.

What does a Campus Pastor do?

Life can be chaotic, confusing, and stressful, especially when one is going to college, dealing with life outside of school, holding down a job, and caring for a family-all at the same time. Sometimes a college student needs someone to talk to, and that person is often the Campus Pastor.

Campus Pastors meet with students and counsel them on religion. They help them understand religion better, and show them its place in their lives. As Campus Pastor, you teach students how to relate to God, and guide them through the tough times with devotion to a higher power.

In addition to an unwavering belief in the philosophies of the church, you’ll benefit from being a good leader. Guiding students requires high energy, a positive outlook, the ability to motivate others, and a non-judgmental attitude. While you spend a significant amount of time playing the role of Cheerleader for students in good times, you also aid them through difficult times. Campus or personal tragedies and heartaches are common issues in your office. You pray with the students, offer condolences, and give direction to their grief.

In addition to counseling, you also organize and manage campus events for groups of students. You monitor faith-related clubs and guide them through sermons and activities. You help them recruit new members, participate in community events, and design religiously enriching projects to feed their faith. Additionally, you create topics of discussion for meetings, and organize speakers for retreats. And on top of all that, you find community volunteer opportunities and encourage students to participate.