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Campus Ambassador



Promote and represent the university.

What does a Campus Ambassador do?

A campus ambassador is typically a student who is the face and the voice of the university for visiting guests. You promote the university and build strong relationships with prospective students, guests, faculty, staff, and business leaders.

As a campus ambassador, you develop leadership skills and gain experience in public speaking and event planning. You have to know the university and the campus thoroughly.

A campus ambassador’s responsibilities are to represent the campus in a professional manner and conduct campus tours for prospective students. You answer any questions and doubts they may have. You are a member of student panels and take part in CV workshops and training programs.

To be a campus ambassador, you must usually be willing to serve for a minimum of one academic year, and you are enrolled at the university in a graduate or undergraduate program. You should have good communication skills, both written and verbal, and interpersonal skills. Good organizational skills and being a strong team player are all assets that will help you succeed.

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