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Campaign Scheduler



Keep the campaign calendar to help your political candidate win.

What does a Campaign Scheduler do?

During a political campaign, Politicians are busy people. A candidate may have a strategy meeting at 8 AM, a press conference at 9 AM, a roundtable discussion with community leaders 10 AM, and a charity event at 11AM—and that’s just to kick off the day! It’s a Campaign Scheduler’s job to keep this crazy calendar organized.

Campaign scheduling might not seem glamorous, but it’s one of the most important aspects of a modern political campaign. Your efforts to make sure your candidate has an efficient and effective schedule of events is hugely important because it can maximize their impact on voters.

Depending on the size and type of your campaign, your tasks can vary from job to job. However, you’re generally responsible for keeping up the official campaign calendar—which has all the events your candidate has committed to, as well as other chunks of time that a candidate needs for specific tasks like prepping for a debate. It’s not just about organization either—all invitations and internal requests for your candidate’s time have to get your stamp of approval.

You also strive to be pro-active by finding opportunities for your candidate to shine. This involves everything from scheduling press interviews to arranging time for your candidate to meet with people in the community.

You also work with other members of the campaign staff, like the Campaign Manager, Press Secretary, Social Media Manager, and Volunteer Coordinator to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Not only do you need to be highly organized, good at logistics, and talented at spotting great opportunities, you’ve also got to be okay saying “no” to demands. But with your calendar in hand, you help your campaign run smoothly to a (hopefully) successful end.

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