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Camp Counselor



Supervise camp activities and develop recreational activities for campers.

What does a Camp Counselor do?

As a camp counselor, you supervise camp activities and develop recreational plans. You generally work with children in residential summer camps or day camps. Your duties include guiding teenagers and children in camping, swimming, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. Camp counselors organize camping trips, plan and schedule group activities, provide emotional support, welcome new campers, and explain all the rules of the camp. Other job responsibilities include keeping an eye on the health and safety of those you are in charge of and leading campers in fire drills and emergency procedures.

You need to have good moral character, patience, and leadership skills to be a successful camp counselor. Camp counselors need some experience in activities such as kayaking, drama, music, or tennis. Physical fitness and good health are requirements. It is good to be prepared to work night and weekend hours because you must supervise the campers’ cabins at all times. Many camp counselor positions are only available on a seasonal or part-time basis. Becoming a camp counselor usually requires little to no formal education.

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