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Camera Engineer

Design and build cameras for movies and television.

What does a Camera Engineer do?

Ever noticed how home movies never look as good as television? Partially, that’s because there isn’t a crew dedicated to making sure everyone’s hair and makeup looks topnotch. But a big reason is the camera being used.

Cameras used for filming movies and television shows require specific technology above and beyond what your everyday camera is equipped with. Camera Engineers know all about this technology. It is the Camera Engineers’ job to design and build cameras that match the specific needs (and budgets) of their customers.

Although, as Camera Engineer, you can build cameras that are used on movie sets, you can just as easily build a small, hand-held camera that lets a show go “on the road.” Your cameras might be attached to a racing car, the bottom of a boat, or a rocket. Of course, you can also build cameras that are sold in stores to everyday people and let them film their six-year-old’s birthday.

You figure out what exactly to build by talking to your customers. You carry out your market research to find out what people did and didn’t like about the old camera design, and what they want in a new one. You also keep an eye on things like industry trends and new technological advances.

This job involves a lot of collaboration. During the design and building phase, you work with different Engineers. And when the camera is completed, the collaboration continues as it is now your job to explain the camera’s function to people in the marketing, customer service, and sales teams.