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Call Center Agent



Answer customer inquiries quickly and politely via phone and email.

What does a Call Center Agent do?

The Call Center Agent is the face of his or her organization. Whether providing customer support for an electronics company or helping callers set up a new credit card, the job of a Call Center Agent is to answer phones and emails in a fast and informative manner. When you are a Call Center Agent, your attitude determines what impression a customer will have of the company, so it’s imperative that you keep your cool even when dealing with unhappy callers.

Depending on your company, you may work from an office or from home. You answer incoming calls, emails, and faxes quickly, and resolve customer problems or complaints. One person might need help setting up a computer while another might have a complaint about the quality of the product she’s received. You help each find a satisfactory solution while also juggling other phone calls and emails.

This position requires patience and professionalism when interacting with others. Unfortunately, many customers call only when they’re frustrated or angry, so it’s up to you to calm them down and help them solve their problems.

It’s no surprise that you’ll spend most of your day talking. With the rise in popularity of email and online messaging, however, you may spend a good portion of it typing your responses instead. You’ll need to know your company’s policies on returns and refunds, and have an understanding of how its products work if you’re offering customer support. All in all, you play one of the key roles in the company: ensuring that customers keep coming back.

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