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Calibration Technician



Help tune-up products so they perform to their exact specifications.

What does a Calibration Technician do?

Our world is a melting pot of various technological advancements and an endless supply of equipment and machines that run them all. In order for the technology to benefit us, the equipment must stay in prime working order. Think about how frustrating it is when something goes wrong with your personal computer. Now, imagine running a multi-billion dollar business and one of your machines malfunctions-a blip that costs you tens of thousands of dollars.

Good thing that business has a Calibration Technician to make sure that blip doesn’t happen. Calibration Technicians work in industries such as aerospace, automotive, communication, petroleum, and energy. As you can tell, this isn’t like an oven conking out in the bakery down the street. If the machines used by these industries get out of whack, it can mean a financial market crash or a bankrupt business, making the your job as Calibration Technician vital to the functioning of these industries.

You might work for an international company, traveling the world and performing calibration work on, say, medical equipment. Or you can choose to work locally, focusing on food processing production lines or automotive construction machinery. You might work for private corporations, the government, or the military. Wherever you haul your tool bag though, your tasks will include scheduling appointments, performing the actual job, and keeping careful records. This job requires knowledge of special tools, the ability to work either independently or with a team of Engineers, and a technical aptitude.

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