Calender Wind Up Tender

Tend windup racks on four-roll calender that wind calendered fabrics.

What does a Calender Wind Up Tender do?

Tends windup rack on four-roll calender that winds calendered fabric onto liner rolls: Starts festoons that accumulate fabric during roll change, and stops windup rack. Cuts fabric with scissors between machine and full roll and guides fabric into roll on auxiliary rack with aid of CALENDER-WIND-UP HELPER. Stops festoons, starts windup rack, and moves tension and speed levers to wind new roll. Places full roll onto scale, using hoist. Reads yardage gauge and compares roll weight with standard on yardage chart for conformance to specifications. Notifies CALENDER OPERATOR, FOUR-ROLL of weight discrepancies or fabric defects, such as wrinkles and spread cords. May run identification strings into calendered stock as windup proceeds.